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Yate, 13,200 patients
“Overall I am delighted with The Surgery Network. The forecasted savings are being delivered, far less time is being spent ordering and it’s easy to keep track of everything. 
The platform pays for itself as the cost savings far exceed the membership fee. But it’s the other benefits that make the biggest difference. The admin team are better able to provide what the clinical team require and achieve cost savings, and the nurses are happy to be able to spend more time focused on patients” 

Practice Manager

Basingstoke, 7,500 patients
“As a busy practice manager, the Surgery Network enables me to manage the practice cost effectively in both monetary terms and time.  I use the system to order everyday items knowing the prices will be the most competitive I can find, but without the hassle of price searching.  My orders are instantly recorded providing updated inventories enabling easy monthly stock checks.  At our recent Qof visit, the assessor was most impressed with the drug inventory which clearly demonstrated the drug date checking system for the Medicines Management indicators 2 & 3.  Not only are the drugs clearly date recorded but re-ordering is automated once the re-order level has been activated. I find the system easy to use but if I need any information Rob and Steve are incredible helpful.  I would find my job a lot harder without the Surgery Network and would recommend it without hesitation.” 
Practice Manager 

Salisbury, 7,500 patients
“I would like to say that the excellent service provided by ‘The Surgery Network’ is even further enhanced by the superb response provided by Steve (Support Manager).  His friendly personal and positive manner and speedy actions means that I can always rely on him to find me those items that don’t appear in the catalogue at the best possible price in the quickest possible time.  His assistance takes all the hassle out of procurement.” 

Practice Manager 

Lee-on-Solent, 5,800 patients
“Thought I should let you know that when our accountant visited recently he commented most favourably on Surgery Network saying that signing up to your company had achieved significant savings across drugs/medical instruments/office supplies. 
This was particularly pleasing as the comment was not solicited but then again one would only have to look at our accounts over the last couple of years and see that it has been particularly beneficial in signing up to Surgery Network. 
For myself the system is easy to use, Nurses that were sceptical at first now order online without any hesitation, and the contacts at your end (Steve) are always pleasant, helpful and take a keen interest in any orders that are placed to see if you are taking the best options that are on offer.”

Practice Manager

Eastleigh, 12,000 patients
The PPA claims course has proven to be extremely useful. We did a reconciliation as suggested on the course and tracked down over £5,000 of claims that have been missed throughout the year. We are now planning on using the Surgery Network PPA calculator and doing a monthly reconciliation to make sure we stay on track 

Practice Manager 

Bristol, 6,000 Patients
Really useful workshop! I have been in post for nearly 2 years and this workshop was the first session I had seen about the complex subject of Prescription Services (PPA). Tracy was a real expert in this and had clearly spent a huge amount time building up her knowledg , which those of us working in surgeries don’t have time to do!

Assistant Manager

University Medical Centre
We joined Surgery Network in 2006 and have never looked back. Not only do we benefit from the best prices in the market place but also from unequalled customer service who readily go that extra mile for members. Based on the help and advice provided by the team; time saved by myself and my staff and the price savings we achieve I can foresee us being part of the Surgery Network Consortium for many years to come. 
Lead Finance Administrator 


Hedge End, 13,000 patients
Just had a conversation with our accountants who are doing end of year accounts. Thought you might appreciate it… 

Natalie “I think there may be a problem with your stock and suppliers bills.”
Me “why is that”
Natalie “well, you seem to have much more in stock and your suppliers bills are hugely lower”
Me “That will be Surgery Network’s fault!”
Natalie “?”
Me “well the stocktake system is a huge improvement, and we are now ordering most of our supplies through SN”
Natalie “your treatment room supplies for last year were around 16K and this year around 8K so you are obviously doing something right!”

You make me look very good as I suggested we use you in my interview with the practice… 
Practice Manager 

Southampton, 7,484 patients
A really easy to use system, it has been so easy to pass the purchasing on to other staff.  And with the system so easy to manage we can ensure we are always getting the best prices in the marketplace, no matter who is doing the buying.
Purchasing Administrator